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Battery PCB with Canbus bms
Battery PCB with Canbus bms
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Battery PCB with Canbus bms

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Battery PCB to make it easy and fast to build a battery! 

This product is canceled and we no longer sell it

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Our PCB (printed circuit board) is setting a new standard to battery building. No more cables needed, for an easy and safe install.  PCB is now built with an integrated Bioboards BMS. 


Bioboards BMS: 

  • CAN bus connected 
  • Can read/monitor cell voltage with Metr-app or Davega display 
  • Charge only 
  • For double stack use up to 10A charger and for single stack use up to 5A charger


  • Made for 21700 cells Samsung 40T 
  • Comes with pre cut 0.3 mm nickel 
  • No cables needed for safe and clean install! Have traces for canbus, charging current, discharge current, balance current 
  • XT90 connector to power the Vesc 
  • XT60 connector for charging input 

Double fuse system for maximum safety: 

  1. Discharge fuse 80A (12s3p single stack) – easy swap 
  2. Charging fuse 12A – easy swap 

Can stack on top of each other with CAN bus connection.

Whats included for single stack:

  • 1 12A fuse
  • 1 80A fuse
  • 1 Battery pcb
  • 72 nickel tabs
  • 24 cell holders
  • 1 canbus cable for vesc > bms

Whats included for double stack:

  • 2 12A fuse
  • 2 80A fuse
  • 2 Battery pcb
  • 144 nickel tabs
  • 48 cell holders
  • 1 can bus cable for connection between the 2 pcb
  • 10 spacers
  • 2 canbus cable for vesc > bms

Whats not included:

  • Samsung 40T cells
  • Discharge or charge cables
  • Metr bluetooth module or Davega Display

 Recommended spotweld settings with kweld spotwelder:

  • 62J for battery cells
  • 19J for pcb

 Video how can bus reading from bms looks on Davega display:


Video how can bus reading looks on metr mobile app:


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Each part of Plutonium is designed with performance and durability in mind. The board, the motors, wheels and axles all use the same design that puts usability, performance and ease of maintenance in mind. With a single push, you put the board to life. Plutonium is made to look right and to feel amazing.