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Battery PCB with Canbus bms
Battery PCB with Canbus bms
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    Battery PCB with Canbus bms

    $420.00 ex VAT

      Battery PCB to make it easy and fast to build a battery! 

      Estimated to ship 2 weeks from ordering

      Our PCB (printed circuit board) is setting a new standard to battery building. No more cables needed, for an easy and safe install.  PCB is now built with an integrated Bioboards BMS. 


      Bioboards BMS: 

      • CAN bus connected 
      • Can read/monitor cell voltage with Metr-app or Davega display 
      • Charge only 
      • For double stack use up to 10A charger and for single stack use up to 5A charger


      • Made for 21700 cells Samsung 40T 
      • Comes with pre cut 0.3 mm nickel 
      • No cables needed for safe and clean install! Have traces for canbus, charging current, discharge current, balance current 
      • XT90 connector to power the Vesc 
      • XT60 connector for charging input 

      Double fuse system for maximum safety: 

      1. Discharge fuse 80A (12s3p single stack) – easy swap 
      2. Charging fuse 12A – easy swap 

      Can stack on top of each other with CAN bus connection.

      Whats included for single stack:

      • 1 12A fuse
      • 1 80A fuse
      • 1 Battery pcb
      • 72 nickel tabs
      • 24 cell holders
      • 1 canbus cable for vesc > bms

      Whats included for double stack:

      • 2 12A fuse
      • 2 80A fuse
      • 2 Battery pcb
      • 144 nickel tabs
      • 48 cell holders
      • 1 can bus cable for connection between the 2 pcb
      • 10 spacers
      • 2 canbus cable for vesc > bms

      Whats not included:

      • Samsung 40T cells
      • Discharge or charge cables
      • Metr bluetooth module or Davega Display

       Recommended spotweld settings with kweld spotwelder:

      • 62J for battery cells
      • 19J for pcb

       Video how can bus reading from bms looks on Davega display:


      Video how can bus reading looks on metr mobile app:


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      The following is also important information before buying an electric skateboard: 

      • The laws differ in all countries, so read carefully and follow the laws that apply in your country. 
      • Always wear full protective equipment when riding an electric skateboard ie: Approved helmet (one that covers the entire face is recommended), knee protections, wrist protections, elbow protections, back cover and preferably a motorcycle suit. 
      • You may find protective equipment to buy here:  https://www.skatehut.co.uk/protection. You can also find motorcycle protection gear that fits perfectly with skateboards here:  https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle-riding-gear 
      • Follow the traffic rules for your safety and the safety of others.  
      • Over 20 km/h, only drive in a fenced area 
      • It can be dangerous to fall off a skateboard even at low speeds, so do not drive past your own ability and take it easy on unknown roads. 
      • Stop completely and walk or ride extremely slowly in turns where the visibility is bad. 
      • Show respect for others around you, they can hurt themselves if you fall on them! 
      • Do not drive if you are injured or affected by alcohol or drugs 
      • Do not drive in the dark without proper lighting. 
      • You are responsible for yourself, how and where you drive. We do not take any responsibility for it 
      • For more information read here: Important information