Plutonium – fastest just got faster

Plutonium – fastest just got faster
Markus Johnson Bioboards Plutonium

The fastest and strongest electric skateboard on the market just got even more superior. Bioboards is proud to present Plutonium, the successor to the respected Thorium e-skateboard.

Bioboards founder Markus is excited with the launch:
“When we designed Plutonium, we wanted to create the extraordinary. We were already selling the world’s fastest and strongest longboard. The bar was raised high. To us, it never means we shouldn’t aim even higher. Plutonium has improved speed, acceleration, safety and durability.”

Plutonium is a truly powerful electric skateboard.

The power has increased 32 % from 3400 W to 4500 W. The new electric longboard enjoys an amazing 50 % higher current – 180 A instead of 120 A. This translates into higher top speed and better acceleration.

Plutonium’s larger battery has 1034 Wh instead of 789 Wh, offering an even longer range than the predecessor. Despite the higher capacity, the battery charges twice as fast. It also performs better at low battery levels. A fuse for each cell of the battery – 72 in total – means supreme safety.

The new display shows battery status, current speed, range and driving statistics.

Plutonium is 2” wider which makes it more stable. The wheels are bigger providing a nicer ride and better grip. We replaced the cast trucks with precision trucks, which also help improve stability and feeling.

The new e-skate from Bioboards is an investment in quality.

The Plutonium is a no-compromises electric skateboard. Many of its components were designed in-house to improve assembly and improve time to market. The Plutonium is smoother from an assembly point of view. It’s a masterpiece where every component flawlessly fits into place in the well-designed body. Plutonium is a professional electric skateboard in every sense.”

Markus wraps up:

“We would like to thank our French friends Benjamin Mazer och Damms Elegy who run our fan group on Facebook to help our customers share information and insights among each other. Thanks to you guys we keep increasing our community of Bioboards electric longboard enthusiasts!”

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