1380Wh / 210A / 67,2V

Huge range / Insane battery power/ 16S High Voltage

2WD or 4WD

Dual or Quad motor setup

110 km/h - 68 mph

Maximum speed


2WD 240A - 4WD 480A motor controller - VESC based

It looks and feels amazing!

Each part of Plutonium 2S is designed with performance and durability in mind. The board, the motors, wheels and axles all use the same design that puts usability, performance and ease of maintenance in mind. With a single push, you put the board to life. Plutonium is made to look right and to feel amazing.

On board display

  • On board display installed over front truck
  • UI to see speed, battery level, power, range, and tons of features
  • Compatible with Bioboards App for easier to adjust display settings
  • Built in GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi for automatic upload and map of rides
  • Session stats and Lifetime stats
3 in 1 Board

3 in 1 solution: Bioboards Plutonium 2S gives you the possibilities to choose, remove only 1 nut to easily switch between AT wheels and Street wheels (both Kegel and Abec adapters available). Plutonium 2S is the only board that gives you this possibility. Street board comes with TB110 mm urethane wheels and kegel adapter and AT with aluminium cnc precision made rims with 8" high speed tyres. Most AT rims works with the AT adapter in case you want to try another rim. The unique push on solution for wheels makes it easy to change wheels!


Precision cnc baseplates and hangers with 7075-T6 aluminum made with 0,005 mm tolerance with intergrated gearadapter and 10mm steel shaft.

Bushings and pivot made by the best bushing manufactory in the world: Riptide sports

Wide amount of options of durometer of bushings for the perfect stability and carve for your weight

43° rear baseplate and 49° front baseplate for ultimate stability on high speed

Super wide 300 mm hangers which gives you confidence and stability at high speeds


Premium with a large platform to stand on to give you confidence and a sense of stability. Made with the highest quality with layers of wood, triaxial fiberglass, unidirectional carbon fiber to give the highest quality but at the same time light. With urethane edges for a stylish and protective sides. With a printed top and bottom layer for the perfect look. A perfect W concave to lock your feet in!

Gear drives

The Plutonium 2S comes standard with geardrive. This is a requirement to cope with the power Plutonium 2S can deliver. A gear drive provides an almost service-free experience, and it can handle the enormous power the board can deliver and a completely different level of safety during hard braking or hard acceleration which, compared to belt drive, requires more service and does not give the same opportunity to handle hard acceleration and hard braking. Of course, Plutonium 2S also comes with gears made of the strongest steel.


  • Ultrafast 15A charging - charge the huge battery in 2 hours
  • 16s6p P42a 1380wh = extreme range and extreme power
  • High discharge cells: 96 pcs of Molicell P42a cells
  • Thick nickel to handle the insane current this battery can produce
  • Precision cut nickel which makes it impossible for a short circuit due to sharp nickel edge
  • Charge security: Fused charge port
  • Bluetooth connected BMS integrated in battery to monitor cell voltage

The Bioboards app gives you endless possibilities to set up your board in a simple way. It comes pre-configured for your board with multiple modes you can easily swipe to activate. Of course, you can also create your own personal modes. It has a real time page you can directly see real time data from your board such as estimated range, battery temperatures, speed, etc. It also saves all rides with all the data so you can easily look back on each ride and easily share your rides and data with your friends or on social media etc. Need help setting up your board? Just share your support code and we can easily connect to your board over internet and help you achieve what you want.

Remote control

You can choose the remote that fits your style:

electric skateboard stores
electric skateboard stores
electric skateboard stores
boards motors
boards motors
boards motors

R1 remote:

  • Display with speed, battery and more info
  • 3 speed modes, each mode can adjust speed from 1%-100% throttle
  • Water Resistance IP66 and wireless charging
  • Dual throttle: 1 for acceleration and 1 for brake

Hoyt puck remote:

  • High quality remote designed in US
  • Puck design for easy hold in hand
  • 3 speed modes
  • Best connection

Trigger remote:

  • Display with speed, battery and more info
  • 3 speed modes
  • Small and easy to grip
bioboard electric skateboard
electric skateboard gear drive
electric skateboard gear drive
electric skateboard gear drive

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Our goal is to design, build, and offer the best electric skateboards on the market. No compromises. No limits. No excuses. We aim for the highest performance available, the best build quality possible, and the best customer experience achievable.
Plutonium 2S

🟢High performance 5400W Dual/Quad 65100 Motors
🟢Bioboards 46" Deck
🟢Trucks precision CNC made
🟢TB streetwheels 110mm
🟢AT precision rims with 200mm high speed tyres
🟢96 cell Molicell P42a battery
🟢Range up to 100km
🟢Top speed up to 110km/h / 68mph
🟢3 in 1 board
🟢Bioboards App compatible
🟢Geardrive with herringbone steel gears
🟢Ultrafast 15A charging
🟢On board display