Hoyt Puck Remote
Hoyt Puck Remote
Hoyt Puck Remote
Hoyt Puck Remote

Hoyt Puck Remote

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Hoyt St Midnight Puck is a high-quality remote designed in US proven by many riders to be the most reliable remote on the market

The precision and feel of the textured thumb roller is precise. It’s super easy to get a good grip of the remote despite the circular shape. For those living in crowded areas or where radio-frequency interference is a thing, the Hoyt puck’s channel hoping technology will provide a more reliable connection even in the worst conditions. 


  • PPM connection for easy setup 
  • Vibration to notify the rider for low remote battery 
  • 3 speed modes 
  • Receiver included 
  • Special “puck” design to be comfortable in your hands 

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