Safety instructions

Always read the terms carefully before ordering and using our products. You can find our terms here: Terms 

The following is also important information before buying an electric skateboard: 

  • The laws differ in all countries, so read carefully and follow the laws that apply in your country. 
  • Always wear full protective equipment when riding an electric skateboard ie: Approved helmet (one that covers the entire face is recommended), knee protections, wrist protections, elbow protections, back cover and preferably a motorcycle suit. 
  • You may find protective equipment to buy here: You can also find motorcycle protection gear that fits perfectly with skateboards here: 
  • Follow the traffic rules for your safety and the safety of others.  
  • Over 20 km/h, only drive in a fenced area 
  • It can be dangerous to fall off a skateboard even at low speeds, so do not drive past your own ability and take it easy on unknown roads. 
  • Stop completely and walk or ride extremely slowly in turns where the visibility is bad. 
  • Show respect for others around you, they can hurt themselves if you fall on them! 
  • Do not drive if you are injured or affected by alcohol or drugs 
  • Do not drive in the dark without proper lighting. 
  • You are responsible for yourself, how and where you drive. We do not take any responsibility for it