About us


Bioboards Eskate

We exist for one reason and one reason only: To design,
build, and offer the best electric skateboards in the world.

No compromises. No limits. No excuses.

We will accept nothing but the highest performance
available, the best build quality possible, and the best
customer experience achievable.

Our history

We started off in 2018 with a huge interest in electric skateboarding, only to discover that the kind of elite performance boards we wanted just did not exist. This was unacceptable to us, so we took it upon ourselves to create the kind of high-end board we desperately wanted. We searched far and wide for the best components in the world and spared no expense in putting them together. We shared our creation with others, won Best Pro Board Build from the acclaimed Builder’s Forum, and just knew we had to share the joy we feel in building and riding these monsters with others. From this success, BioBoards Eskate was born.



We stand by everything you buy from us so we offer a comprehensive 6 month warranty on all our boards. We want you to feel confident and safe with your purchase and to ride hard knowing that we have your back.


Our boards are built to be rock-solid, but in the remote chance you do have an issue, you’ll always have help available. Whether it’s a warranty case or anything else that you need help with, we’ll always be ready to respond and take care of you as soon as possible.


We will never let a third party build something that we can build ourselves. This way, we can assure that the quality, and the control, is first-rate. We test all of our components and boards thoroughly and we only use the best parts available.


We refuse to rush through any aspect when building our boards, so we take the necessary time to make sure everything is done the right way. For this reason, the delivery time is approximately 3-4 weeks from the day you place your order and is unlikely to change. We are committed to meeting that time frame. You should always feel safe when ordering your boar, secure in the knowledge that it will be the best board we can possibly build. We know you wouldn’t want it any other way.


We are not the cheapest brand on the market because quality and low cost cannot coexist. We will always choose the better component or process every single time. It is an inescapable truth that you get what you pay for, and that has never been more true than it is with Bioboards. We encourage you to do your research on other brands, knowing that in the end, the performance and range we offer is superior to any other board on the market. You can get a less expensive board than Bioboards, but you cannot get a better one.


Performance is nothing without range, and range is worthless without performance. So we refuse to choose one to focus on and instead, put all our energy and focus to offering the best of both worlds. We want the thrill of riding our boards to last as long as possible.