Dual Remote R1 with display

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The new 1905 is a wireless remote control in dual push style

The remote itself is attractive and fits perfectly in your hand. The dual push assembly is perfect if you prefer different buttons for throttle and brake , which makes it easier to relax your grip while maintaining control of the throttle. The remote has a nano coating making it easy to maintain grip and still keep clean. 

Water resistance, display and wireless charging!


  • Waterproof Rank: IP67 with 2 layers nanometers coating
  • Signal Format: PWM (PPM)
  • UART: Acceptable
  • Double Source Power Supply: Accept 5V power by ESC built-in BEC or extra 5V power
  • Output Signal: Max 3.3V
  • Display: Remote and battery power, signal strength, throttle and brake percentage, RPM, speed, mileage; Current, voltage,
  • Firmware Updatable: Yes
  • Control Pump: Yes (Relay Switch)
  • Control Light: Yes (Transistor Switch)
  • Wireless Charging: Yes
  • What comes in the package: Charging Pad, receiver, wristband, 3pcs dupont cable

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It looks and feelsamazing!

Each part of Plutonium is designed with performance and durability in mind. The board, the motors, wheels and axles all use the same design that puts usability, performance and ease of maintenance in mind. With a single push, you put the board to life. Plutonium is made to look right and to feel amazing.