You cannot resist the Gear Drive revolution!

You cannot resist the Gear Drive revolution!

gear drive
Here’s why:

Less rolling resistance:

In order to move an electric skateboard, force is applied in one direction and the less it takes to move the board in that direction, the better the efficiency of the drive system. With a drive like belts, you have to counteract the belts friction and the tension applied to the belt before the board can get rolling. Since it takes more force to get it moving, you have a loss of efficiency so your power and range take a direct hit. With a gear drive, there’s very little resistance because it’s simply one gear directly attached to a motor enmeshed and acting against another gear without tension. With a proper grease applied, there’s even less friction between the gears. So less power needed to get moving equals more power available and more range because the battery doesn’t have to work as hard.

Better acceleration and braking:

Since the gear drives are connected directly to the motors, there’s a more “direct” and “instant” feeling when accelerating and braking. There’s no momentary lag and no belt skipping/slippage to disconnect the performance. Just snappy and strong stop and go.


Gear Drive systems are also incredibly simple. If the material used for the gears is strong and wear-resistant, there’s very little to go wrong. No belts to break or rocks to get into your pulleys. Gear Drives are sealed systems, so dirt and grit is kept out to minimize wear and increase reliability.


As long as the drive housing can accommodate a change, it’s fairly simple to change the ratio of the drive with different sized gears, allowing for either more acceleration or more top-end speed depending on the desired outcome. Not only that, but installation with gear drives is easier since the motors are closer to the truck and more compact in general.

All Bioboards have gear drive!

Thanks to Bill Gordon @esk8 news for this article

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