12S Smart BMS
12S Smart BMS
12S Smart BMS
12S Smart BMS

12S Smart BMS

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Smart BMS for 12S (50,4V) battery. Used on Plutonium 2.

  • Intergrated bluetooth module for connection to phone (picture show external but its changed to internal)
  • Change settings, read balance and check voltage with the mobile app XiaoxiangBMS.
  • Also integrates with Metr eskate app and Bioboards eskate app if you have a metr bluetooth module connected to your vesc.
  • Max charge current: 19A
  • Max discharge current: 20A (we recommend bypass discharge)

Includes: Balance wiring harness, Temperature sensors and Bluetooth module

If you order with connectors installed it will come with 14AWG cables with XT60 connectors so you can easy connect the BMS to the battery and chargeport. It also includes a connected 15A fuse for the chargeport.


It looks and feelsamazing!

Each part of Plutonium is designed with performance and durability in mind. The board, the motors, wheels and axles all use the same design that puts usability, performance and ease of maintenance in mind. With a single push, you put the board to life. Plutonium is made to look right and to feel amazing.