Plutonium Titanium screw kit

Plutonium Titanium screw kit

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Titanium screws with torx head.

Anodized green to make your Plutonium 1 and 2 stand out!

This kit includes:

  • 4x m3 10mm Titanium screws torx head that fits on board display
  • 4x m5 70mm Titanium countersunk screws torx head that fits front truck (8 Plutonium 2/2S)
  • 4x m5 70mm Titanium screws torx head that fits rear truck (Plutonium 1)
  • 20x m5 Titanium nut that fits truck screws (24x for Plutonium 2/2S)
  • 12x m5 35mm Titanium screws torx head that fits enclosure (16x for Plutonium 2/2S)
  • 1 Onboard display riser 3d printed with increased thickness (Plutonium 1)
  • Does not come with small black Bioboards logo as picture show anymore
It looks and feelsamazing!

Each part of Plutonium is designed with performance and durability in mind. The board, the motors, wheels and axles all use the same design that puts usability, performance and ease of maintenance in mind. With a single push, you put the board to life. Plutonium is made to look right and to feel amazing.