Bioboards Plutonium Bushing Guide

The Plutonium comes stock with high performance RipTide KranK Bushings and WFB lubricated 96a Pivot Cups to help maximize your riding experience.  The bushing’s compound, shapes and positions take advantage of the truck base plate angles combined with the deck’s angles to provide you with the best of both worlds, agility and stability.

Available options for various weight riders are:

Soft 84a:                      Up to 50kg
Medium Soft 87a:      50kg to 75kg
Medium 90a:              75kg to 90kg
Medium Hard 93a:    90kg to 105kg
Hard 96a:                    Above 105kg

Adjusting the Bushings:

RipTide’s KranK compound is very adjustable so you will be able to fine tune the way the board handles to your liking using the kingpin nut tightness.  Starting position for bushing tightness is just tight enough to take out all the looseness in the bushing assembly.  You should be able to rotate the roadside washer at this tightness but not easily.  Always wear safety equipment when riding and tuning your boards.  Any changes you make will make a difference in how the board responds while riding but you may not be able to feel the difference just standing and flexing the board so you need to ride it.  When making bushing adjustments, change the compression on the bushings a ¼ of a turn at a time then ride the board to feel the difference.  If you end up tightening the bushings front and back more than two full turns of the king pin nut beyond the snug starting position you should move up in hardness keeping the same shapes and positions.  Canon roadside both front and back with a FatCone boardside front and a Chubby boardside rear.  If the setup is too tight from the beginning flip the roadside cupped washer to use it as a flat washer to see if that is enough, if not, change the roadside Canon bushing to a Cone of the same durometer using either a flat washer or a cupped washer depending on the desired resistance.  If that is still not enough move down in hardness keeping the same shapes and positions listed above.