Why can´t i cancel a order of a complete board?

The reason we dont allow cancelation or return of a complete board even if the order is made the same day is 4 reasons:

  1. When you make the order the payment gateway charge us a fee for the payment and currency converstion fee. This can be as high as 600USD for one order of a complete board. If we would make a refund we also need again to pay currency converstion fee and that can be up to 200 USD. So the total cost for a customer that makes a order and we would refund can be up to 800USD for us. To allow this would need us to increase the cost off the board to cover for customer that change their mind and we prefer to sell to customer that are sure about there purchase and sell the board to them for a lower price.
  2. As soon as you make the order we will start prepare and build your board with the customizations you choosed for your board, so almost every board has a unique config due to the amount of options we have for the board. So to use that board for another order would need us to spend several hours to rebuild it with the next customers options.
  3. We plan and order new parts after the demand and try to have a good stock of parts, suddenly changing the need for parts destroys the planning of the manufacture of new parts and the stock management.
  4. We include a free hoodie with every complete board order. The same second you place the order a order is sent and paid to the hoodie factory to make and ship the hoodie to you. We cant cancel this order because its starts the same second you make the order.

So please order only if you are sure about your purchase. We will not allow a cancel of the order even if its made the same day.