16S 67,2V 15A Ultracharger

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Ultrafast 15A charger for you 16S electric skateboard.

Only for 67,2V 16S battery. A high quality charger made with a aluminum case and fan for extra cooling. Charge your board from 0% to 100% in less then 2 hours. 


  • Charge 4 times faster then 2019 Thorium charger
  • 15A charge current
  • Led indication to show charge status
  • Display for Voltage and Ampere
  • Fan to keep the temperature low
  • High current support on connector
  • Battery side of connector included (female)
  • Switch between 230/110V  50/60 Hz input for support for both US and worldwide (Set correct voltage before plugging in, warranty does not support wrong set switch when plugged to outlet)
  • Black case

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