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    BioX ESC

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      High performance ESC based on VESC project

      • Full aluminum case anodized in green for maximum heat dissipation
      • Max voltage is 80V but due to risk of voltage spikes max recommended is 16S - 67,2V *
      • 125 motor A and 120 Battery A support for a total of 240 Battery A and 250 Motor A 
      • 3 shunt design
      • DRV free design - no more DRV errors!
      • On/off feature with button with hibernating mode - no anti spark switch that can fail
      • Automatic brake light port - max 3A - controlled by PPM signal
      • Bluetooth connection
      • USB C port
      • XT90S connector is included for battery side of power connector **
      • PPM cable are included
      • Button with 4wd support are included
      • Extra thick PCB with more copper to handle the high Ampere support
      • 12AWG green silicon cables with MR60 connectors - Motor side of MR60 included
      • 10AWG silicon cable with XT90 connector
      • Green top (batch 1)VESC 5.2 firmware download here: Firmware (do not use another source)
      • Black top (batch 2) You can use official firmware in vesc tool. Its shipped with 5.2 and we dont recommend to update to 5.3 as its not tested yet.
      • Size and weight: 145 x 83 x 27mm / 440g
      • Europén warranty*** and support

      Limited stock at first. Order now to avoid waiting for batch 2!

      * Warranty only covers use of up to 16S battery

      **Warranty is not valid if you don´t use a XT90S on battery side or a precharged antispark switch between battery and BioX ESC

      ***Warranty covers manufacturing errors and does not cover faulty connected or built battery or damaged/shorted motor wires which damages BioX

      Consider supporting Benjamin for working on the open source project this ESC is based on:

      Made together with Spintend and based on the popular and the well recommended esc: Ubox 

      BioX source code, forked from VESC-Project: here Github: here

      Batch 1: (green top)


      Batch 2: (black top)


      Do i get batch 1,2 or 3 when i order today? What are the difference?

      Batch 3 is the one we make and ship now with black top and it have following updates from batch 1:

      1. All the 12V,5V,vcc external ports are protected by recoverable fuse

      2. Ignite key and meter supported, for e-scooter/e-bike application.

      3. Three 12V control ports: front light, horn, and brake light! these ports are separated 2pin sockets.

      5. Cooling fan socket with 12V power source.

      6. CAN bus insert power on supported, easy for 4WD configuration. (no need to connect button cable to both BioX

      7. External NRF(BT) socket, to replace the former internal BT module, independent from main uart ports, also A/B switchable.

      8. VCC is 3.44V, 100% complaint with VESC original FW, no custom-ed firmware any more.

      9. External 2.4G receiver antenna. so user can use aluminum enclosure, only put the antenna outside. 

      10. Black top cover with green logo

      11. Batch 3 compared to batch 2 is the same except new port that supports ignite key for ebikes. Batch 3 also have a black case.

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