65100 5400W Motor
65100 5400W Motor
65100 5400W Motor
65100 5400W Motor
65100 5400W Motor
65100 5400W Motor
65100 5400W Motor

    65100 5400W Motor

    $199.00 $269.00 ex VAT

      Be the first with our new motor that solves all the most common quality problems with electric motors for esk8!

      Crazy performance and efficiency!

      It really has everything you could want: fully battlehardened motors, curved magnets, thick can that resists gravel and other things that fly on it where thinner motors often break, open design for low temperatures but with a mesh that protects against dirt and is light to remove and clean if necessary and water resistent sensor connector and mt60 phase connector for easy installation!


      • Motor size: 65 × 102 mm 
      • Max current: 140A (recommended max 120A)
      • Motor W: 5400W 
      • Volt: 420S 
      • Weight: 1,2kg 
      • Axle: 10 mm - 26mm lengh 
      • 44mm hole pattern
      • Sensor connection: Water resistent with spring lock and included female to Jst-ph 6pin (no vesc adapter needed) 
      • Motor KV: 138KV or 205KV
      • Protection: Open design for low tempatures and high performance but mesh protection for better resistance stones, dust and dirt 
      • Sensor: Yes 
      • Appearance: Black with Bioboard’s logo 
      • Fully battle hardened - The only esk8 motor for sale that have it
      • 2,5mm thick can to resist gravel flying on it without deform
      • 3 NKS bearings press fitted
      • Big SKF bearing to support the can
      • Shaft with excellent retention via a small rounded key

      1 motor per item!

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