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Riptide Sports Bushing kit

High quality kit with RiptideSports bushings for your choice and feel  Includes all the bushings you need for both the front and rear trucks. The kit comes with 6 bushings so that you...
$80.00ex VAT
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Precision Baseplate with kingpin

Precision cnc baseplates with 7075-T6 Aluminum made with 0,005 mm tolerance  The baseplates is the base layer, or foundation of the truck. It’s mounted to the deck with 4 bolts. The kingpin and the pivot cup can be found on the baseplates. Our babeplate is made out of hight quality aluminium for maximum strength.  Specifications: 43° and 49° angle to choose between Green...
$65.00ex VAT
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Skatetool to easy remove the wheel nut and to adjust the kingpin nut.
$15.00ex VAT
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Riser 1/2

Medium hard 1/2" Risers (Set of 2) Come in black. Medium hard and flexible material.
$10.00ex VAT
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Bioboards Precision Truck 300mm

Precision CNC baseplates with 7075-T6 Aluminum made with 0,005 mm tolerance Without trucks, your e-board won’t get very far.  This is one of the key components of our boards. Made out of hight quality aluminium and steel shaft for maximum strength.  Specifications:  Precision CNC hangers with titanium shaft Bushings and pivot made by the best...
$500.00ex VAT
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