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High speed 8"AT tyres

Do you mostly ride on asphalt?These tires will give you longer range thanks to a flatter surface and have more accurate manufacturing to avoid unevenness at high speeds. Specifications: 8″...
$99.00$119.00ex VAT
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TB 110mm Street Wheels

Large 110 mm wheels for excellent stability and handle the biggest street cracks and roughest streets. Wide 65mm contact patch for better grip and traction. Will make any electric skateboard...
$139.00ex VAT
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MBS T3 8 AT Tyres Green

The design of the T3 tyre builds upon the tried and true performance of the T1 by using similar tread elements in new ways. The result is a great new tread with...
$120.00ex VAT
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Bioboards Precision Rims

The rims designed by MOON are a deep dish wheel designed for DIY electric skateboards and are already the precision rims for Plutonium 2. The wide rims increases the contact patch of the tyre which increases grip. The...
$359.00ex VAT
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