Street Bearings

High quality bearings for Plutonium 2 street wheels. 8 Bearings included.
$30.00ex VAT
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Griptape for Plutonium 2

Griptape for Plutonium 2 deck. Made with the best quality and extra rough surface for ultimate grip.
$35.00ex VAT
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Skatetool to easy remove the wheel nut and to adjust the kingpin nut.
$15.00ex VAT
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Bioboards Precision Rims

The rims designed by MOON are a deep dish wheel designed for DIY electric skateboards and are already the precision rims for Plutonium 2. The wide rims increases the contact patch of the tyre which increases grip. The...
$359.00ex VAT
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Zealous Ceramic Bearings

Ceramic balls are lighter, stiffer, smoother and naturally corrosion resistant. This means we can use a lower viscosity lubricant which makes them fast right out of the tube. For Plutonium...
$39.00ex VAT
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Pure Nickel 21700 P-Group Tabs

Pure Nickel Tabs - custom cut tabs to make building 6p and 8p configuration batteries using 21700 cells easier. You will need a powerful spot welder to weld 0.3mm thickness nickel consistently. 0.2mm...
$10.00ex VAT
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AT Bearings

High quality bearings for Plutonium 2 AT wheels. 8 Bearings included.
$30.00ex VAT
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Bioboards Powertrain V2

Extreme high-quality power train complete with 65100 motors, precision trucks and helical steel gears. This powertrain are used on the fastest and strongest electric skateboard worldwide, the Plutonium 2! Compared to...
$1,350.00ex VAT
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Canbus cable

Easy connect 2 single vesc for a dual drive system or 2 dual vesc for a 4wd system. Long cable so you easy can connect rear and front on deck.
$14.00ex VAT
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