12S 50,4V 10A Supercharger

Superfast 10A charger for you 12S electric skateboard. Only for 50,4V 12S battery. A high quality charger made with a aluminum case and fan for extra cooling. Charge your board from 0% to 100% in less then 3 hours.  Specifications: Charge 2.5 times faster then 2019 Thorium...
$109.00$169.00ex VAT
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12S Smart BMS

Smart BMS for 12S (50,4V) battery. Used on Plutonium 2. Bluetooth module for connection to phone Change settings, read balance and check voltage with the mobile app XiaoxiangBMS. Also integrates...
$49.00ex VAT

12S smart bms case

3D printed case for our 12S smart bms. 4 holes so you can screw the case to your box/enclosure Designed so it can be attached ontop of BioX or Ubox...
$19.00ex VAT
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65100 5400W Motor

Be the first with our new motor that solves all the most common quality problems with electric motors for esk8! Crazy performance and efficiency! It really has everything you could...
$199.00$269.00ex VAT
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APS Trigger Remote

The new APS EV-T3 is a wireless remote control in trigger style  The remote itself is attractive and fits perfectly in your hand. The trigger assembly is mounted at an obtuse angle from center, which makes it easier to relax your grip while maintaining control of the throttle. The remote has a soft, rubberized coating, making it easy to maintain grip and still keep clean.  Specifications:  4-2.48 Ghz transmitter with receiver  Low voltage led indicator  Band:...
$99.00ex VAT
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AT Bearings

High quality bearings for Plutonium 2 AT wheels. 8 Bearings included.
$30.00ex VAT
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AT convert kit for Plutonium 2 street

Convert your Plutonium 2 street to AT! Kit includes: 2 Rim adapters (4 for 4wd) 2 motor pulleys in steel (4 for 4wd) 4 Precisions rims in black 4 Bioboards High speed...
$650.00ex VAT
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Battery PCB with Canbus bms

Battery PCB to make it easy and fast to build a battery!  Estimated to ship 2 weeks from ordering Our PCB (printed circuit board) is setting a new standard to battery building. No more cables needed, for an easy and safe install.  PCB is now built with an integrated Bioboards BMS.  Specifications: Bioboards...
$230.00ex VAT